Update: May 31st, 2015

In addition to the below selection, you can follow what I’m currently bookmarking via my Delicious profile.

General Programming

An excellent resource for regular expressions information.

The Game Programming Wiki
An excellent and growing resource for newbies to the game development scene.


Loki Installers for Linux Gamers
This site has installers and updates for lots of popular linux games, including UT, UT2004 and many mods.

Kent Linux User Group
The Kent Linux User Group meets twice a month (one social, one “technical”). It’s a great place to get face-to-face Linux support and advice. “Technical” meetings generally include a couple of talks and a trip to a pub.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
An excellent document for people who need to seek help online, through chat rooms, mailing lists or web forums. Everyone should read this document at least once through.

The Jargon File
An extremely useful (and often amusing) dictionary of jargon detailing meanings and origins. In particular many may be surprised by the origins of foobar (there’s also an RFC on this particular term).

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